Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Most people who buy life insurance do so to provide financial security to a beneficiary when they die. But oftentimes traditional life insurance doesn’t cover the burdensome costs involved when a chronic, critical, or terminal illness strikes.

There is a solution, though — one that provides relief from the financial demands of such an illness. Some term life insurance policies offer an add-on called living benefits. In the event of a long-term, catastrophic, or terminal illness, these benefits can be accessed while the policyholder is still alive.


Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

A low-benefit whole life policy may be the solution you need to ensure that your loved ones aren’t burdened with end-of-life costs.

This type of life insurance policy is great for seniors and people who are unable to qualify for more traditional forms of life insurance, who want to protect their loved ones from the financial burdens that might be left behind.