Behind the Blue Line

Our founders have decades of law enforcement experience.
Being behind the thin blue line has underscored the necessity for thorough life insurance considerations.

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Kyle Carlson


I was born in Dallas, Texas and served as a police officer and Sergeant with the Carrollton Police Department’s Reserve Unit. My time serving the public was utilized in the patrol division for 13 years. Serving in the capacity as a peace officer was extremely rewarding and educational. There was never a shift I worked where I didn’t see how fast a person’s life could change. Sometimes, it was for the good, but unfortunately, most was for the bad. Today, I am truly grateful for the years I served, all of the friendships I made and for the lessons learned.

It was in 2004 when my mother, 59 years old, passed away unexpectedly. It is hard enough to lose anyone, but losing your mother is a completely different kind of pain. Just days after losing her, I learned that she did not have any type of life insurance in place. This resulted in my family personally paying the bill for all related services. The next 4 years were very stressful in dealing with probate and all the logistics when settling an estate. Although it was difficult, it was during this time that I learned more valuable lessons in life.

Several years ago I met up with my old friend, Tony Rike. Tony told me that he had been working in the insurance industry and how beneficial it had been to him. I mentioned to him that when my mother passed she didn’t have life coverage of her own. Through this, Tony educated me on how many people do not have life coverage, or know how or who to get coverage from. After more questioning and interest on my part, I decided to get my insurance license. After training, I started working to help protect families from uncertain financial hardships after losing a loved one. Today, I take great pride in making sure that people have the right life policy in place. My personal goal is to make the process as clear and simple as possible. No one should have to go through the hardships that my family did by not having any coverage in place.

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Tony Rike


Tony Rike is a retired police officer from the Frisco Police Department. Tony began his law enforcement career in 1989 at the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, then served at Allen PD before joining Frisco in 2001. It was during this time in 2001 that tragedy struck his family. Tony lost his brother-in-law, his mother, and two brothers in the span of just 17 months. No one had ever mentioned the need for life insurance before. It was during this time that a seed was planted on how to help others in their time of loss.

Tony was licensed by the State of Texas as a Life Insurance Agent in 2011 to help others in their time of need. He gains satisfaction in knowing that if something happens to one of his clients, they do not need to worry about funeral or living expenses because they are protected.

Tony currently holds a Master TCOLE license and is a licensed instructor. He has experience in CIT training, suicide prevention, SWAT/hostage negotiations, crime prevention, bicycle patrol, detention, supervision experience, internal affairs, and investigations.

Tony has instructed hundreds of licensed peace officers throughout the state of Texas. He works full time for TMPA as a Field Representative, where he currently provides support work for Texas law enforcement and instructs various law enforcement training courses.

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